COMING SOON! Pontiac G8 Maverick Man Inverted Monotube Elite Coilover Suspension

$ 1,520


Pontiac 68 Maverick Man Inverted Monotube Elite Coilover Suspension

These are the first and ONLY Monotube Coilover Suspension for the 2008-20069 Pontiac G8!!

Why inverted monotube? 

The main elemental to use an inverted monotube design on a Coilover is a huge increase in strength and a longer stroke for added travel. 

An inverted shaft strut has greater stiffness due to a much larger shaft diameter. 

Most OEM struts and coilover have around a M12 to M12.5 diameter shaft (depending on the brand) supported by only the top nut.  When the coilover is in full extension there’s not much supporting the shaft between the bearing surfaces of the piston and nut so they can be prone to bending from lateral forces. 

These Inverted monotubes have a larger M16  as the external shaft and the actual shaft of the now inverted damper is safely inside the housing of the strut.

As this inverted monotube coilover uses the large diameter body of the damper is as the external shaft of the strut, while the actual shaft of the now inverted damper is safely inside the housing of the strut and is now relieved of most of the stress of dealing with lateral load.

  • Inverted monotube coilovers designed with a long stroke for added travel  
  • Aggressively tuned damping characteristics  
  • 40mm inverted piston design increases damper strength optimizing performance during aggressive movement  
  • Large fluid valve assembly and oil chambers 
  • Independent ride height adjustment  
  • One way adjustable w/ 24-step spectrum  

As always Maverick Man Carbon does not sell what we have not tested. Improvement taken from other current designs brands stepping up on their weaknesses making these the best to offer! 

These are not only a very comfortable ride on the street unlike any other coilover even those with external canisters. BUT at the same time tune-able to be track capable!

You will not be disappointed with the ride and you cannot say this stance doesn't look good! 

 Coming Soon! Production Parts are subject to change. 

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