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Billet 5mm Wheel Spacers

Billet 5mm Wheel Spacers

  • $ 50.00

5mm billet wheel spacers are what most owners use when they use CTS-V wheels on their Pontiac G8 or Chevy SS for a tad more aggressive look and a tad more clearance with using a 255 or larger tire on the front. Or maybe if you have a set of aftermarket wheels that just don't give the right fender to wheel "look" that you want. 

These spacers will give that look that you want without sacrificing safety and leaving enough thread on your wheels stud for your lug nuts.

As like our other bolt on spacers these are a 100% direct match to the hub and lug pattern. These are NOT a cheap universal spacer that doesn't fit correctly and can cause balance and vibration issues.  These are top quality Made with Alcoa 6061t6 billet aluminum!  Lifetime Warranty! 

These are made to order and take about 15 working days. 

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