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Monster Lug Nuts for your GTO, G8 or Chevy SS

  • $ 65.00

Looking for lugs nuts for your GTO, G8 or Chevy SS. These lugs will work on some of the common wheels that GTO, G8 and Chevy SS owners use on their VMR, Forgestars, BBS LM replicas, Beyern and TSW wheels. These lugs are perfect for those types of application with this long shank style.  However Monster Lugs will fit all other after market wheels as well.  These lugs are also open ended which is perfect for those whom race and are required to have open end lugs.

Monster Lug are made of Forged 50BV30 Steel and come in these two finishes as shown above: Black and Chrome Titanium.Other options in color are Chrome, Red, Blue and Silver.


Chrome Titanium

$68.00 a set plus shipping, +CA Tax

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