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Carbon Fiber Universal Exhaust Tip Cover

Carbon Fiber Universal Exhaust Tip Cover

  • $ 180.00

Looking to put the final touches on your exhaust? These universal carbon fiber tips  covers that will side over your current exhaust tips.

These are available in two sizes. Sold As Pairs:

Large - 4-2/16 inch diameter:  Ideal For 4 Inch Tips

Small - 3-7/8 inch diameter:    Ideal For 3-3/4 Inch Tips

Because these are universal not all tips will be at the same angle as the cover. You can chose to mount those any way you like.

If the angles matches you can mount them like this...

the photo above is on a Pontiac GTO with a Manaflow Exhaust using a Large Cover.

if for some reason the angle on your muffler tip is different than these covers, you can choose to mount the cover past the end of the tip like this...

the above photo is Small Cover on a 2014 Chevy SS Sedan OEM Muffler Tip

NOTE:  These DO NOT come with hardware. You will need to drill into your muffler tips to mount these. There are three holes are make in the carbon fiber cover. You will need to buy a 3 bolts, 3 washers and 3 nuts to mount these to your current muffler tip.

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