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Custom Carbon Fiber Knifes

  • $ 400.00

I know that most car enthusiast love tools and knifes are tools.  I know almost every car enthusiast owns at least owns at least one knife.  So what better way to incorporate a custom hand finished knife with yes, Carbon Fiber!  

After some discussion Maverick Man Carbon has a new product colab/distribution with a 15 year custom knife designer Liong Mah from the well known knife manufacture CRKT!  These custom knifes will have a Titanium and Carbon Fiber handles with the blade made of S35VN steel. These are all hand finished are NOT your typical Big Five end line user knife.


Warrior 2 Marble Carbon Fiber Edition

The Warrior 2 is a hand ground steel blade in S35VN steel that measures 3.75 inches long.  The Titanium and Carbon Fiber handles are 3D machined then hand sanded to remove the mill marks. The handle is lightened with pockets on the inside to reduce weight making this knife weight in at only 4 ounces!  All hardware on this knife are also all Titanium!

$400 plus shipping +CA Tax



Warrior 1 Carbon Fiber Edition

The Warrior 1 is another hand ground steel blade in S35VN steel that measures 3.4 inches long.  The Titanium framelock, hardware and handle with lightening pockets along with the Carbon Fiber handle on the adjacent side make this beauty weight in at only 3.6 ounces!

$380 plus shipping +CA Tax



Special Edition Carbon Fiber Tempest

This blade is a 3.75 inch blade made from S35VN steel.  Two tone blade-satin flats and stone washed bevels. The Titanium framelock, hardened lock insert, ano blue screws along with the beautiful 3D contoured machined Carbon Fiber weight this knife in at 4.8 ounces!  And when we say Special Edition we mean Special Edition! There are only 49 pieces available that is all!

$435 plus shipping +CA Tax





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