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Laser Engraved Chevy SS Aluminum Wall Pannels

  • $ 365.00

Looking something to decorate your garage or man cave? This piece will do just that!

How It Is Made:

These are a CO2 Laser Engraver panel that burns/etches the first layer of Black Anodize (a MIL-A-8625, Type 2, Class 2 finish to provide a barrier protecting against corrosion. This surface finish is required for the laser to “bleach" this iconic image of the Chevy SS Sedan onto the panels).  This process removes the black pigment on the surface of the aluminum and turns it a almost-pure white creating this image.

All panels are Manufactured from US Made 5052-H32 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum.


This image consist of 3 Panels. Each panel is sizes 12in (width) x 18in (height) x 0.06in (thickness).  When mounted to the wall, the panels are spaced about 0.500in by the standoffs. This gives depth to the product and just adds that extra touch to the artwork when you mount it in your garage or man cave in general! Mounting kit is included which consist of Aluminum Hex Standoffs, which offset the Panels by 1/2", creating a Three-Dimensional Effect | 3X - 316 Stainless Steel Lanyards, 1/16" Diameter - #10-32 Button Head Cap Screws which are plated with black oxide for corrosion resistance of you decide to mount this in a high moisture area.


We also can do custom ones of your car! YES your car! However the image must be a high resolution (300 dpi or better) and clear image sharp image. Not all photos can be done.  Please inquire within.

Starting at $365 plus shipping +CA Tax

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