Chevy SS Sedan 2014 - 2015 Front Lip

$ 240


Have you seen the disgusting and poor fitting or flimsy so called lips out there for the SS?  We are sure you have! ;)   Maybe your lip isn't a lip after all because lips always fit on the bumper not under it or half on it. 

This lip is designed and fitted to wrap around the front lower bumper just like the Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Lip. 

Maverick Man will settle for nothing less!  Unlike other lips that don't even go over the lower bumper because they lack the technology they sit way to low and to far out and scrape everything! Then BAM it is destroyed!  This lip only sits no more then 1/5th of an inch lower then the stock bumper so you don't have to worry about taking out your lip.


This front lip comes in raw made from a quality Polypropylene Plastic like the same material used on some of your OEM factory parts. These are also 3D scanned during mold process for exact data and fitment for a perfect final product!  The lip can be easily left as is in the satin black (as some do) but these are made to be painted and can be color matched and painted on your own. Attaches by double stick tape like most OEM lips and drilling to mount with screws is optional and buyers preference to do so.

Install takes less then 20 mins and comes in three connecting pieces like the the OEM Holden front bumper Armour without the flat look. 

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