Before emailing about an ETA or question about a product please refer back to the website where you ordered it. You might find your answer there and save yourself some time.  Other answers to questions can possibly be answered below so please review them below under topics of Warranty, Carbon Fiber Disclaimer, Damages, Damage Claims, Outgoing Shipping, Handling and Cancellations, Deposits, Prices, Returns, Disputes, Wrong Items Sent and Parts stating delivered and are missing.  ALL ARE BELOW. 

Nine times out of Ten a lead-time is listed on the website in BOLD AND RED LETTERING or it will have a link about the lead-time for the product.  All lead-times are in WORKING / BUSINESS DAYS. That means Monday through Friday not counting weekends and / or holidays.  If a lead-time is clearly stated on the website, do not expect an email back if that lead-time has not passed. It is highly unlikely the answer will be any different than what is listed on the website. 

If you need to email in regards to an order in general, please be very specific on what you need or have a question on.  emailing "where are my parts" from or "when will my lights ship" from with no other information is not going to get you your answer right away.  ALWAYS leave your full NAME that you ordered under, exactly what you ordered, what car it was for and list your ORDER NUMBER. The more information the better. 

If you are a family or friend member trying to reach out on the behalf of the customer, you need to tell the customer (friend, husband, wife, son or daughter) to reach out to us instead. They are the ones that placed the ordered they need to be the one who we communicate with. Since their email is on the original order AND we have no idea who you are or if you are authorized to do so. 

If you still cannot find your answer OR if you have questions about products on the website that already do not have lead-times or links about the lead-time ior just general questions please email us at the following email: 

If your email is not going through or there has been no response to your email... DO NOT SEND PHOTOS, SCREEN SHOTS OR ATTACHMENTS!  If a product is damaged please refer to "Damages" below and follow those instructions.  If you are not able to get an email though try again a few minutes later or later that day. 

If you do not see a response back, keep in mind emails will be answered in the order they are received. we do not answer emails 24/7. do not expect responses after work hours, weekend or holidays.  Lastly if you do not see a response back check your spam or junk box for the response.  

Other means to reach us are though social media but do not expect a fast reply.  ONLY use if you are unable to reach out to us by email and please provide the info as asked for in the above paragraphs.  Tagging us on Facebook a Facebook Group, Instagram, YouTube comment etc. may also not been seen with the amount of followers Maverick Man Carbon has, so keep that in mind.  All social media questions will eventually be asked to be moved to email for easier search ability.   


Shipping Time On Carbon Fiber or Body Parts After Ordering

If you ordered Carbon Fiber Parts please refer to the original page first to see if there are any lead-times on the part you ordered.  Usually that is in BOLD RED lettering in the description. 

For Carbon Fiber Hoods and Trunks please refer to the Terms and Conditions email which will state all processing and transit lead-times. Those will NOT diverge sooner from those original terms stated in that email.  

For Carbon Fiber Parts ordered that are larger then 24 inches in length we will use multiple different fulfillment warehouse to pack and ship our parts. Before making presumptions on a what is a fulfillment warehouse, find out HERE

These fulfillment will usually pick up from us every 5-7 days. If you ordered after our last pick up it will be picked up on the next one so times can vary.  So we are clear your part will NOT ship the same day you order or the next day on these parts.  As much as we would like to be like Amazon we are not.  You will know your parts will or have been picked up after you received a tracking number. If you do not see a tracking number check your junk or spam box. Once you see that tracking you should see movement on it the next or following business day. 



All items covered under a warranty will be a replacement where applicable and NOT a refund or other means of compensation. Warranty date takes place from date of purchase.  Not from date of install or date received.  Warranties have a NO exceptions policy and are put in a place for a reason and do not sway from that date, time frame or terms. 


All Maverick Man Carbon Fiber Products have a Limited Warranty of one year from date of purchase. All FRP products have a 90 day warranty  Parts may not be altered. Parts must not be changed in anyway.  All installed Carbon Fiber Part that are installed are VOID of Warranty of cracks or fractures within the Carbon Fiber or Clearcoat after it is installed. USED PARTS, RE-SOLD PARTS or SECOND HAND PARTS (not from the original buyer) ARE NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY OR RETURN.  We do not cover neglect of care on Carbon Fiber Products which can be easily seen in photos and even more in person which will effect your warranty. 

Maverick Man Billet parts are covered for one year from breakage only. 

Maverick Man Billet Arrowheads with Black and Red Centers are 1 warranty on the center color part only though original owner only.  

ABS and Polyurethane products like Ducktail Spoilers and Front Lips have a 30 day warranty only. It is NOT recommend to hydrodip (aka dipped, hydrographics, watertransfer) any Ducktail spoilers in ABS. All warranties will be voided if it is hydrodipped.  Warranty will also be voided with use of the incorrect double sided tape (non VBH 3M Tape. Proof of purchase of correct VHB 3M tape will be ask upon if warranty is claimed with in the 30 day warranty). 

Maverick Man Coilovers are covered by a LIMITED one year manufactures warranty.  Coilovers from obvious abuse, bent or broken mounting points or damage from an accident are NOT covered under that warranty.  Must show proof of install / receipt from professional brick and mortar location. 

Note all Warranty and coverage's will be decided on the type of each issue individually thus will be covered on a case by case basis and are limited. 

Images or video must be provided of the issues and must be uploaded to a pubic Google Drive, WeTransfer or DropBox and the link be forwarded so they can be viewed and accessed for warranty coverage. 

Replaced parts under warranty will NOT be given an extended or new warranty and are sold as is.  Replacements are warrantied under the original time frame of purchase only. For example if there is two months left on the original item the Replacement has only two month warranty.  

The customer is responsible for all shipping cost for returns and replacements back to the customer.

ALL OTHER NON Maverick Man Carbon Parts WILL BE COVERD BY THE MANUFACTURE WARRANTY AND POLICY. Each manufacture has a different policies and length of warranty. Please refer to the manufactures of the product for their policy.   For example, HID Kits are one year form date of purchase, LED Bulbs are 60 days from date of purchase and Headlights can be 90 days to one year depending on brand.  All warranty on body parts such as Spoiler, Fenders, Liners etc. must not be altered. TEST FIT ALL PRODUCT before painting, wrapping or other "body work".  The alter part will not be covered under warranty if it is. 

Some manufactures Warranties will also differ in warranty time anywhere from 30 days to 3 years to a limited lifetime warranty.  The customer must abide to those polices under each manufacture for their warranty to take place. Some warranties depending on product bought, may have to be sought out directly with the manufacture.  Other requests from the manufacture such as photos, documentation, proof of purchase, a full return of all merchandise, or any other manufactures policies must be adhered by before the warranty can take place.  For product received with an issue upon receipt some manufactures will require that the "part" be NOT installed or in original and unopened packaging if received defective.  ALL COVERAGE UNDER A MANUFACTURES WARRANTY are decided by the Manufacture and not Maverick Man Inc. 


Carbon Fiber Product Disclaimer

All carbon fiber products require professional installation. Minor adjustments might be necessary. These are normal body work and installation steps. If your car has been in an accident the parts may not fit like they should and is not the responsibility of the product not fitting correctly.  Therefore it is NOT considered to be defective. In addition, all carbon fiber products are hand-crafted, and no two items will be identical. Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, lines in weave, unequal lines in weave or small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are inevitable.  Most undersides or backsides will be unfinished on Carbon Fiber parts. Do no expect them to be finished.  This means they may not be clear coated or painted.  They can even scratched on the underside or have excess resin. Why? Because you do not see the underside there is no point.  All Carbon Fiber parts are finished per where they will be seen on the car and not the underside where you will not see it.  Maverick Man Carbon will do its best to provide the best parts comparable to any other product out there for these vehicles.  If item is deemed defective, pictures are required to demonstrate true defects far from the above description on what is an imperfection prior to return.


DO NOT AND NEVER REFUSE A SHIPMENT UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.  If it is damaged accept the package and report the damage to the shipper (UPS, FEDEX etc.) and make a claim within 24 hours to them and Maverick Man Inc. Keep all packing material the part came in. NOTE the shipper such as UPS may require to pick up the item to inspect it. 

Take photos of the damage, the packing. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS VIA EMAIL. upload them to a public Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer.  Then forward the link along with a email with your order number and what was damaged. Refer to "Damage Claims"   


Damage Or Flaw Claims

Inspection of shipments is the 100% the responsibility of the customer.  Opening packages a week later to a month later to only find a damaged or "flawed" product WILL NOT BE COVERED. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

ALL AND ANY DAMAGES MUST BE MADE WITHIN IN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING THE PROUCT.   This is due to shipping claims that must be made though UPS, FedEx or other shipping carriers and / or the Manufacture themselves according to their Terms & Conditions / Policies. 

An email must be sent clamming what those damages are and in detail where the damage is located.  Include your name and order number. Damage or Flaw claims with photos attached and no order number will be ignored or possibly just not received though the email system. 

All Photos must be uploaded to a pubic Google Drive, WeTransfer or DropBox and the link emailed to 

Make sure all packing material and box is kept for the claim.  Keep the packing until further notice and for the duration of that claim. Failure to provide images of the original packing will delay and possibly void any damage claim.  Regardless of damage because of shipping or defect in the part, many manufactures will require images of the original packing regardless. 

For all hood or trunk damage claims please refer to the original Terms and Conditions that you were sent and agreed to. 

For Replacement for Damages refer to "RETURNS" Section. 


Outgoing Shipping, Handling and Cancellations

Shipping, Handling Charges and Stock availability are subject to change.

Shipping locations outside the 48 lower US states are subject to an additional charge such as HI, AK or PR.  APO / Military addresses and ALL outside US addresses will be an additional shipping and handling charge.  The website does NOT calculate for these location.  All and any additional charges and is the responsibility of the buyer we are not obligated to fulfill them just because the website stated a different shipping cost. 

All Drop Ship items are to the terms of the manufacturer.  Any and all items that fall under this will NOT be shipped until either paid for or canceled via the customer.

Orders placed with in stock Items (NOT website stock - physical stock which can be subject to change without notice.) will usually ship the next business day.

Incomplete orders will still be shipped for items that are in stock. Backordered items will be shipped when they are back in stock unless otherwise noted. Please check your email for ETAs on the backorders. Maverick Man Inc is not responsible for partial stock or out of stock items. 

Most items will not be shipped or processed on the weekends and will only ship and process on business days only (with some exceptions).  All items in physical stock (not website stock) and after confirming your order though the website should considered shipped. It is possible to CANCEL the order but will incur charges if paid via credit card. Please refer back to REFUNDS section below.

Keep in mind this is NOT Amazon. Not all parts go out the same day or received by the customer the same day. They are NOT shipped on Weekends or Holidays. If the part is in stock it will USUALLY ship the next business day. Business days are Monday though Friday.  The tracking will be sent to you the following business day AFTER it ships. Tracking from drop ships will be sent to you after it is received from the manufacturer.   If you have not received the item, please read the website again where you placed the order.  99% of the time there is lead time stated in RED or YELLOW.  Please look there before emailing and asking and you might find the answer there first and faster then a response via email. 

Items such as body parts that are "Maverick Man Carbon Products" like a Spoiler, Lip, Diffuser etc.  Will use a fulfillment warehouse to pack and ship those for us.  Pick up from us will be every 4-7 working days.  After they are packed by the fulfillment warehouse it will ship. When you see the tracking number that means the part will be or has been picked up from us and you should see movement on that within a few business days. 

When and if emailing about your order, you MUST list your Order Number.  Joe at doesn't tell us much.  Be specific on the part you ordered and the order number so we can be sure on the exact order.



All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE for all pre-ordered items.  All pre-ordered items are subject to any length of time and not subjective to a finished product in a certain time frame. Time Frames may vary from 3 to 6 to 9 months MINIMUM or longer depending on the item. Deposits are NON TRANSFERABLE between other customers or products.



All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed post or prior to ordering. Prices stated as a sale or regular price, use or excise tax orany other tax, duty or charge which is now in effect or may be hereafter imposed by any Federal, State or other authority. All such taxes, duties or other charges shall be paid by Buyer unless Buyer shall provide Seller an exemption certificate acceptable to the appropriate authorities.  



NO RETURNS ON MADE TO ORDER ITEMS ie: GTO Gauges, Crash-Bars, Splitters. If you are unsure what a made to order item is, it will state a lead-time on it. Those are Made To Order Items. Also see "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" below.




All returns are must be authorized before returning and must be made within 30 days of the original order.  

NO RETURNS are allowed without a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). If your return your item without this it will not be processed or approved. 

Failure to follow the above will result in your package considered lost and non-refundable. 

RMA's that require a return deadline within time frame such as 30 days must be returned within that time frame per the manufacture policy.  If the return is not returned within that time frame the RMA will denied and your Return for the Warranty or Replacement parts will be VOID with NO EXCEPTIONS and an RMA will not be issued again.  DO NOT IGNORE THE RETURN DEADLINE!  

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on all OEM Factory Parts which includes GM, Holden or other automotive manufactures.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on special or custom orders that involve a wait or lead-time, color application or custom fitment (wheels, wheel spacers, gauges, splitters, wire harnesses, floor mats, hood liners, seat brackets, car covers, crash-bars etc.) if it has a lead-time on the website it falls under this. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on body parts that have been painted, clear-coated or vinyl wrapped. There are NO exchanges and will VOID ALL WARRANIES. Our recommendation is to test fit all parts before doing any modifications to it.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on ALL Carbon Fiber Parts. Unless deemed under warranty. 

All electronics that are NOT made to order have a 15 day return policy with the exclusion of a warranty.

All Sales are at the final price when at check out and paid for. There are no return refunds for parts that may go on sale afterwards. This includes Black Friday Sales. 

All returns if not the fault of the product, not under the disclaimer clause, change of customer mind, fitment issue due to customization or wrong item ordered is subject to a 25% restocking fee plus a 3% Credit Card Processing Fee if you paid originally by a credit card. Other additional charges will apply if the manufactures restock fee is more then 25% on custom items.  All must be returned within 30 days of purchase to quality for a refund.  To receive a refund it must be factory sealed, unused, unopened if applicable or unless discussed otherwise.  If it is returned and does not follow the above terms in RED there will be no refund and the part will be considered used.  Customers will be required to return that part at their own cost and provide a tracking number for that return.  All returns are suggested to be insured EVEN IF A LABEL IS PROVIDED! If a label is provided minimal insurance will be provided and Maverick Man Inc. and will only refund that insured amount and NOT the full amount if it is damaged from the return shipment.  It is suggested to add insurance to it if the customer feels obligated.  All damages on the returns are the responsibility of the shipper and no credit or replacement will be issued upon that return if it is damaged.  It is suggested you continue to read the rest of this section to prevent damages on your return. 

Items that are defective or damaged upon arrival and and are in need of a replacement, a return label will be issued on a case by case basis only per Maverick Man Inc. and / or the Manufacture.  Any LATE CLAIMS for damages or flaws will be subject to the customer returning the product on their own (see Damages / Flaws section).  All items MUST BE RETURNED first before the replacement or refund.  Any proof of damages as a request from the manufacture or shipper (UPS, FedEx, Pilot Freight etc.) must be provided in photos of video uploaded to a pubic Google Drive, WeTransfer or DropBox. The manufacture or shipper may also require the damage part to be picked or a label sent from the manufacturer to be inspected and / or returned. 

Replacement for damaged item will only be sent upon approval of proof of damage or claim via the manufacture or / and shipping company.  If item is out of stock it will be sent when it is back in stock. Maverick Man Inc. is not responsible for items out of stock at the time of warranty or replacement. 

All customer returns that are damaged must be claimed between the customer and shipper as soon at it is received so there is record of it.  If there were Terms and Conditions to that sale please refer to those.  Maverick Man Inc. will also not be responsible for that initial claim to the shipping company.  All other claims following the damaged part will be following up by Maverick Man Inc. or the Manufacturer depending on the product.

All shipping costs for exchange or a wrong item ordered are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid for prior to shipping the exchange or replacement.

If product is deemed defective the customer will receive a replacement part after it is deemed so by Maverick Man Inc. and / or the Manufacture.  NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE SENT UNTIL THE PRODUCT HAS GONE THOUGH THE FULL RMA PROCESS with Maverick Man Inc. or the Manufacture.  Each Manufacture has their own policy for warranties and time frame for processing some can take longer then 30 days. please consider this for the RMA process. 

If the item is found NOT to be defective or damaged due to shipping, production or past the claim policy of the Maverick Man Inc. or the Manufacturer the customer is responsible for the shipping cost for the return. 

All items returned with exceptions of damages must be returned in NEW condition, unused and unopened unless otherwise discussed.  This is not Amazon we do not accept anything back in any condition.  Make sure it is packed well not just thrown in a box with no packing material, a few pieces paper or bubble wrap without it covering the product.  NEVER ship the return part alone without a box, especially if it came with one!  Any items that were NOT damaged, or that have damages that were not discussed when received back to Maverick Man Inc., will NOT be replaced or refunded and will be consider VOID of any warranty.

DO NOT USE OR OPEN WRONG INCORRECT ITEMS SHIPPED or RETURN THEM WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION!  Yes mistakes can happen! However always check your items before opening them or using them before hand. We cannot take back items that are used.    

DO NOT THROW OUT PACKING until you are 100% sure it has no reason to be returned. Any and all returns must be shipped back in the original packing it was received in.  Packing can include such things as the whole box, wood supports, bubble wrap, cardboard, plastic wrap and styrofoam.  



All request for refunds not the fault of the product or out of stock, not under the disclaimer clause (No Refunds or Sold As Is), change of customer mind, fitment issue due to customization or wrong item ordered is subject to a 3% sir-charge processing fee, plus 3% if paid via a credit card, plus a 25% restocking fee if product needs to be returned.  3% charges are not something we keep. This is what the credit card company ends up charging us for the initial fees. This is applicable to both the initial charge and refund.  If you think this is unfair, it is also unfair to us to be charged for it if you are the one requesting the refund due to an error.  Refunds must be requested within 30 days of purchase.  To receive a refund it must be factory sealed, unused and unopened if applicable.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Even if item is incorrect, you must report the incorrect item within 30 days!  All items installed after the fact even if the part is incorrect, is NOT RETURNABLE OR REFUNDABLE.  It is your responsibility to double check to make sure what was shipped is correct.  If you are unsure please each out to us with the part number and order number and we will check that for you. 

For any other refunds all product must be received back and / or inspected prior to a refund. This may take up to 30 days depending on product especially if it involves the manufacture.  (also see above in "Returns" for this reiteration).

For refunds already issued to your Credit Card or Debt Card with confirmation with an email, HAVE ALREADY BEEN ISSUED. REFUNDS WILL NOT SHOW UP INSTANTLY!  For example when you go to a store like a Walmart, Target, Home Depot etc. your credit will not show up instantly FACT!  It will show on your next statement which can be the time line for the average credit card vendor to do so.  You can also call your credit card company and ask them how long does it usually take between the vendor already issuing the refund back and when will it show in the their system. Once we issue the refund it has been refunded 100% on our end and it is out of our hands. DO NOT email us if you received a email with confirmation that it was refunded. We refunded it and we will just tell you exactly what was stated here. 



Any disputes via Pay Pal will only be communicated though Pay Pal response and all other communications though e-mails, DMs or PMs or other forms will not be responded too once a dispute is put through. This due to Pay Pal review and response to determine outcome. 

Any Disputes thought Credit Card or Debt Card for claims in process will result in NO REPLACEMENT SENT or future orders and you will be marked on a red list.

Any Disputes though Credit Card especially via fraud will be brought to the local law enforcement where items were shipped, address put though to the US Postal Inspection Service and any other means to retrieve parts back including the full extent of the law.  

Be aware and consider the Pay Pal and/or Credit Card possible outcome before putting in a dispute. All out come at that point will be determined by those companies and their allowed deadline.  Once that determination has been set there no other exceptions.  Do not expect other refunds or other means of replacements once that outcome has been determined.   


Wrong Items Sent

First off we are sorry that it happened.  If you were send the wrong item you will need to report this as soon as you receive it no more then 48 hours of the tracking numbers delivered time.   

DO NOT wait a week later or a month later. This is due to items possible drop shipped form directly from manufacture or other warehouse.  If you take too long the replacement for the correct item may not be sent.  This is due to people trying to taking the correct part sent and replacing it with something else they had prior.  It could be the part was discontinued or even something they damaged.  REPORT THE WRONG ITEM NO LATER THEN 48 HOURS AFTER RECEIVING IT.

We understand someone might be away, on a trip or in the military.  HOWEVER we suggest that the person (friend, mother, dad, sister, brother etc.) receiving it check the item when it is received. This falls under the same Damage Policy above. OR we suggest to NOT place the order until the person is there to receive it personally. 

If you receive the wrong item please let us know what you ordered and what you received. We will need photos of the wrong item sent or the box with the part number on it.  DO NOT EMAIL THESE PHOTOS. Your email will NOT be received. Upload them to a PUBLIC Google Drive, WeTransfer or DropBox and send the link via email with your statement on what is wrong.


Parts stating delivered and are missing. 

If your tracking says delivered, 99% of the time it has been delivered. The driver / Delivery service only scans the box when it is delivered. If you do not see your package, we advise to check with your neighbors next door and across the street ASAP!  Check with other household members who may have received the box and could have it somewhere in the household.  If you package is very small check behind bushes, behind chairs or other places it could be hidden or even the side of the house. If you have security camera check those too.  

IF NON OF THE ABOVE find your package, you must call the delivery service and tell them you are the "receiver" that your package was never delivered and give them your tracking number.  It is ideal to call the delivery service AS SOON AS POSSIBLE the longer you wait the more chance they will not find it. 

Replacement WILL NOT BE SENT until the shipping company deems the parts missing. Otherwise it will be considered delivered until so. Claims may take up to 4 weeks depending on shipping company. So again it is best you follow up on the missing package as soon as you think it is missing. DO NOT WAIT!  Maverick Man Inc. WILL NOT File the missing claim, it is up to the receiver to do the claim since it says delivered. Maverick Man Inc. will only follow up on the claim and reship the item if deemed lost by the shipping service. 


California Proposition 65 WARNING:

Items On This Website May Contain Product Can Expose You To Certain Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer Or Reproductive Toxicity, Such As Lead Or DI(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate.


WARNING: Some items on this website are a RACE ONLY product manufactured and sold for installation on vehicles to be used solely for competition purposes, which, once installed, may never be used, or registered or licensed for use upon a public road or highway. If you install this part on your vehicle and use that vehicle on a public road or highway, you will be considered in violation of the Clean Air Act and personally subject to a civil penalty of $4,454.



*Terms and Conditions are subject to change