Save yourself the time and email by looking here about your questions. 



It depends on when it was ordered and if they are parts that require a deposit.



A MINIMUM of 8 months (this refers to DEPOSITS for CARBON FIBER PRODUCT ONLY).

MINIMUM means the fastest you would get anything would be 8 months BUT can go quite past that.  The MAXIMUM wait time cannot be predicted.  DO NOT ORDER IF YOU CANNOT WAIT IN THIS TIME FRAME.

Parts will get done, but there is a virtual queue for pre-ordered parts.  Maverick Man Carbon Parts are not made by machine, nor are they made in batches.  They are all hand done and this takes time.  We will make and distribute parts (all parts, GTO, G8, SS, etc.) in the order they are received. 



When the part is done, you will receive an email.  The email will be sent to the address you originally left on order with the balance due and a link to pay for it.  If there needs to be an address change you can change that before you check out to pay your balance. 



Please refer to the website for the part you ordered. It will list the full price of the part. The balance due will be the price of the part minus the deposit.  For example: If your part cost $330, you will owe $330 - $30 = $300. 



Please refer to question "I LEFT A DEPOSIT HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE" above. The $30 is a deposit only.  You would not be able to get these Carbon Fiber parts for $30.



Depending on the part you ordered will depend on when it goes out.  You are not ordering from Amazon. It is a big possibly parts will not go out the same day or deliver the same or next day.  If the part is in stock like something made from Holley, Whiteline, Kooks or parts made by a machine like Coilovers, Taillights etc. AND DOES NOT list a lead-time on the original page where you order on the website, it will ship the next following business day.  If you want to be sure it is in stock, most high volume items are inventoried on the website and will show out of stock, if out of stock.  Other parts may will list an ETA on the bottom of each item. That will be your lead-time before your order ships and will NOT diverge from that lead-time.

If you paid for a hood it will state the ETA on your terms and conditions email it will not stray from that eta which is about 10-14 working days to get out. This will be due to a fulfillment warehouse which can be another manufacture or a unknown company or address.  These fulfillment locations will pick the product up form Maverick Man Carbon then pack and ship from their location. If you are unfamiliar with a fulfillment warehouses, Google it or think of Amazon. Just because it ships from Amazon does not mean it is made by Amazon. Large items like hoods need to be picked up via a truck-line and form a location with a shipping dock.  Pick up times can range from 8am to 6pm which these locations can have someone there within those hours to accept a large truck like an 18 wheeler and ship the product. Not to mention these locations can stock large boxes that are wider then your car when unassembled in their warehouse to ship these.  Maverick Man Carbon does not have that luxury of providing truck lines those times, location or the space for larger packing material. 

If you paid a balance on a part like a Diffuser or Spoiler it will state the ETA in the balance due email.  These are shipped out on a 10 day window also using a fulfillment warehouse.  (Again, if you do not know what a fulfillment warehouse is look it up on Google or read the paragraph above again.)  These will be picked up form Maverick Man Carbon every 10 days. When you see a tracking come to you via an email that means your will be shipping within two working days and should see movement by the end of that day.  Your average time for transit will be 3 to 5 working days depending on your location. 




Many NEWER Maverick Man Carbon parts will show "Sold Out" and are NOT available for a Deposit nor a waiting list.  

Like this:


They are all first come first serve. Keep checking for availability.


You can blame that on the social media trolls and even other sellers whom have tired to compete with Maverick Man Carbon. Some are ones who never buy anything. Others are friends of these other facebook sellers or those sellers themselves who spread lies about lead-times, how things are made, and even how they are finished. 

Here is a prime example of a facebook seller of other parts who is afraid to loose business by spreading lies like this.

Here is another troll who claims something different.

Now only if these Trolls could make up their minds and actually create a story that coincidences with each other. But that would require actually an IQ.


Then we have these Trolls here talking about Carbon Fiber Hoods.



Have they ever bought anything never the less a hood?  Obviously not. How clear is FIRST COME FIRST SERVE? Yep more fake news!  To be clear... when the part is paid in full that means the part is in stock and will ship our accordingly via the shipping service used. 


So the next time you wonder why deposits are not taken anymore it is because of unfortunate trolls or loosers like these. Some whom are actually are trying to peddle their own knock off parts on facebook or just your typical keyboard warrior with nothing else better to do. 


So unfortunately that is why these parts are now only available on a First Come First Serve Basis. The few (like the people above) have ruined it for the rest of you. You guys can thank them. And I am positive that you can thank them because we all know people like this can't help themselves and will post something up that I hurt their feelings, how unprofessional it is, that they would never buy anything here and that there is no care in the world for the part they want. You know what? They are right I don't care about Trolls and what is said back to them.  So here is a big snowflake for them! lol!





Usually parts with no deposits are made within weeks and will be put up on the website with no announcement.  It will be available on a first come first serve basis.  

If time permits and there is a decent quantity available besides a "few" they will be announced on social media.  You are advised to follow our Instagram Page or our Facebook Page to receive those updates.



Please refer to the answer to the question "I Left A Deposit How Long Does It Take". 

Keep in mind that carbon fiber parts are made by hand and not a machine.  They are NOT mass produced because there are MANY steps to making a carbon fiber part (well at least the way we do it, you know the superior way unlike those Facebook sellers).  You probably have seen people on Facebook say they are going to "make their own" carbon parts. Feel free to do so because from what we have seen... buyer beware! lol! 

JTCarbon Horrible GTO Splitter

Look at that GTO Lip! What beauty!

Or what about this Chevy SS Lip here?  I bet that fits really well! lol!  If you want to get it someone where else feel free!  

JTCarbon Chevy SS Lip

Only if we had a dollar for every Facebooker out there that said they were going to make carbon parts. Other "specialties" places have them made overseas which they take large deposits like $100 or more because they have no equity to place an full order.   Their lead-times conveniently are about 90 days out which just about the time for a container to travel from China to the US though these companies bash on parts made in China. Kinda funny huh?  These Facebook sellers will also claim their parts are something but they are not. We have even seen these sellers state incorrect facts about their products. For example this seller here says their parts are a "preprog" mold. 


First off its not PrePROG. what is PROG? lol! it is Pre- Preg which also stands for Pre-Impregnated (please refer the the video below on what exactly that is.) Also it is highly unlikely the mold is done in Pre-Preg.  Pre-Preg is the type of carbon fiber or even fiberglass used not the process of the mold. lol!  but nobody in the industry does that. It is either a standard composite like fiberglass or a full billet mold like the new one for our GTO spoilers!

Now that is the right way to make carbon parts!  We are sure they will change what they claim on their website after they see this but screen shots don't lie.  Ask them to show you their mold which will be all the facts you need to see. 

Other key points in these Facebook sellers trying to fool you is these sellers claim they need clear coat.  

First off if they were actually using Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber they all would have to be clear coated since Pre-Preg is Raw form and not a gel coated process and will come out a matte color. Like THIS If they were clearcoated good they wouldn't need another clear coat. OH maybe because its really a gel coated product. 

Here is another image of a Facebook seller selling a GTO lip claiming they are clear coated.

Besides the obvious terrible quality and claiming they are clear coated. This photo obviously shows it is not.  Besides the resin making the shape of the lip, if this was clear coated the edges would be shiny it is not. This is a full resin hand laid part with no obvious clear coat, yet the seller claims they are clear coated. 

Let me be clear there is nothing wrong with hand-laid gel coated parts done right. Maverick Man Carbon Hoods are Hand Laid and Vacuumed Infused. The only reason these Facebook sellers claim their parts are Pre-Preg or Clear Coated is so they can have a selling point to try to compete with a Maverick Man Carbon Part.  The point is don't lie to buyers about how your part is made when it is clearly not made that way.  

In conclusion buyer beware on these third party Facebook sellers trying to sell their so called carbon fiber parts. DON'T BE FOOLED OR TAKEN by these sellers who don't even know what they are selling or lying period about how they are made.  

Maverick Man Carbon assurers quality control on every in house part and even blemished items are better then most so called carbon parts out there in the market for the GTO, G8 and SS.  Good parts take time. If you want something faster then go with the Facebook sellers and don't say Maverick Man Carbon did not warn you.

Refer to this video below which shows the process used to make many of the carbon fiber parts Maverick Man Carbon has. It's NOT an easy or fast task. 

These answers should answer most of the common questions that are asked. If you have further questions that are not answered on this page, please feel free to email