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Who is Maverick Man Carbon?



Maverick Man Carbon is the Leading Carbon Fiber Aftermarket Designer and Builder of Carbon Fiber Parts Dedicated to the 2004 – 2006 Pontiac GTO 2003-2005 Holden, Monaro VZ chassis, the Pontiac G8, G8 GXP, Chevy SS Sedan and the Trailblazer SS.

Come 2017 the first GTO Carbon Fiber Maverick Man Carbon Part which changed the GTO market will have it's 10 year anniversary in production!  NO other aftermarket company that makes GTO body parts can claim that!

How is Maverick Man Carbon different then other companies? Maverick Man Carbon is an enthusiast and an actual owner of these vehicles and not another company jumping on the band wagon whom mass produce parts for Hondas, Mustangs, Subarus and whatever else to get a piece of the pie. Consider us In and Out Burger NOT Jack and the Box. We also separate ourselves from these fly by night companies that are here now and gone tomorrow claiming they have design experience but have only been doing it for less then a year.  Maverick Man Carbon has also be doing Ford Maverick Parts since 2002 and which it's sister website is here: for those doing searching for the original Maverick Man parts. 

The bottom line is we put thought into every design and product to flow with the GTO, Monaro, G8 Trailblazer SS and Camaro Design. If you are looking for top quality Pre-Preg and Autoclaved Composites which use all OE mounting points, we are the choice for you! We pride our parts as Innovation NOT duplication or down right copying other people parts including ours which many of these companies do.

In addition check out the links on the top of this page. Maverick Man Carbon also sells non carbon fiber products! HIDs (recommended by High Performance Pontiac magazine), Top of the line lug nuts, billet beauty washers, famous strut covers and coil pack covers for your engine bay and 100% matching dual gauge dash pod are just to name a few. We only sell what we know works or have actually put on a GTO, G8, Chevy SS and Chevy Trailblazer SS. Again just not another company jumping on the bandwagon that is here today and gone tomorrow.  

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