Chevy SS Magnetic Ride Simulators

$ 425


Do you own a 2015 to 2017 Chevy SS and want something more then just lowering springs on your ride. Jealous of those 2014 owners lowered on coilovers? Well here is your solution!

This Simulator kit (four shock simulators and four ride height simulators) allows you to remove the magnetic shocks on your Chevy SS and electrically bypass the ride height sensors.

The ride height sensor simulator prevents the suspension control module from sending current to the shock simulators as it makes the suspension control module think the suspension is neutral and there is no need to adjust the shocks by applying current to them.

Without the ride height sensors bypassed the suspension control module will continue to supply current to the shock sims and they will fail in time.
Then you can replace the shocks with a coilover and get all the benefits from them!

This kit will not throw any check engine lights or impose any speed limiters.  
It is plug-n-play using the OEM connectors and basically fools the suspension control module to believe everything is intact and the vehicle is balanced.

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