Chevy SS Sedan Downshift Blip Module - No More Heel-To-Toe

$ 500


Downshift Blip Module

Plug-n-Play - No more heel-to-toe - Consistent downshift, rev matched - USB programmable

For Road Race - Street/Strip - DBW (Drive-by-wire) cars with Manual Transmission

Throttle Control Description

Simple installation with OEM throttle pedal, brake and clutch switch circuits.
Upon detection of a downshift event (Brake and Clutch pressed) the throttle is commanded to a target % for a set duration (ms) to rev match the lower gear.

Programmable Parameters

    • Target Throttle Blip %
    • Delay after trigger for blip (ms)
    • Duration of blip (ms)
    • Clutch Pos %
    • Min. time between blips (ms)

The Differance: Plug and Play 

Developed by Xineering this blip module will include a motorsport grade harness to connect your throttle pedal and chassis harness to the module.

No tapping of your APP (Accelerator Pedal Position) sensor wires.

For some vehicles we also have plug and play harnesses for the brake and clutch switch/sensor circuits.

NOTE: Throttle pedal harnesses are built to order. Please allow 1 week build time

Technical Notes
    • OEM Throttle pedal connectors: Plug-n-Play
    • Red Power LED & Blue BLIP ACTIVE LED on front panel
    • Passive design, vehicle operates normally when power to module is switched off.
    • USB programmable (set it and forget it) with Android App or Windows PC program
    • Every unit end-of-line tested
    • Made in the USA

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