Dragy GPS Carbon Fiber Holder

$ 49


Is your Dragy GPS flying all over the car as you try to do runs? Has the double stick tape fallen off and you have ad to remount it only for it to fall off again?  Tired of low sats or no sats warning due to improper location of the Dragy in the vehicle?

Well say goodbye to those issues with this Carbon Fiber holders for the Dragy from VTT. These are made from either 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber for a perfect fit. The carbon fiber gives it just the right look to add to your performance vehicle to match with all your Maverick Man Carbon Product!


Each holder has dual Suction cups and will stick to any smooth surface. We suggest mounting them in the upper left or right corner of your windshield with a full view of the sky so your Dragy GPS in the optimal position for the best satellite coverage.

Dragy carbon fiber holder exposes the entire top of the Dragy so nothing is blocking the receiver from the Satellite.

Charging port is not blocked and can be accessed with the cover on.

NOT a Maverick Man Carbon Product 

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