NGK / NTK Front 02 Sensor

Vehicle: Chevy SS Sedan
$ 58


NGK / NTK Front 02 Sensor

Is your car pulling a P0036, P0056, P0141, P0161 code? It just might be your 8+ to 10+ year old 02 sensor. 

Did you know that your 02s should be replaced every 60K to 90k miles?  If you are running race gas, even more so your 02s probably need to be changed.

NTK is NGK division of the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of original equipment oxygen sensors. Precision manufactured to the highest quality and durability, NTK oxygen sensors cover nearly all vehicles on the road today including your Pontiac, Chevy or Holden.  

The NTK 02 Dual-coated platinum element creates an increased longevity 3-stage element overcoat which protects against contamination, Fast light-off times, decrease emissions and improve fuel economy.  NGK / NTK 02's have a pure alumina ceramic filters which exhaust gas.

NTK Technical Ceramics is a division NGK.

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