Pontiac G8 Speed Engineering X-Pipe

$ 229.99


Speed Engineering Pontiac G8 X-Pipes are made out of 304 stainless steel and offer great quality, performance, and affordability. X-Pipes are mandrel bent, tig welded, and feature polished stainless steel construction. All of our X-Pipes have been dyno proven.

Features include:

Mandrel Bent Tubing
3" Tubing
Polished Stainless Steel
Band Clamps

2008-2009 Pontiac G8 (6.0L & 6.2L Engines)

Note: Headers are natural stainless steel and X-Pipes are polished stainless steel on our first batch. Future batches will be all natural stainless finish.

Note: X-Pipes are designed for Speed Engineering headers. They will not work as a factory replacement.


(Warning) This is a RACE ONLY product manufactured and sold for installation on vehicles to be used solely for competition purposes. Once this part is installed, the vehicle may never be used, or registered or licensed for use, on a public road or highway. If you install this part on your vehicle and use the vehicle on a public road or highway, you will violate the Clean Air Act 203(a)(3), 42 U.S.C, 7522(a)(3) and may be subject to personal civil or criminal liability.

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