Pontiac G8 SOLO Performance Axle Back - FREE SHIPPING

Engine Size: V8
Tip Size: 3 Inch
$ 525


You have heard the name you have heard people talk about Solo.  Well we have it for your Pontiac G8!  The Pontiac G8 Axle-Back exhaust kit is a direct bolt on kit, it bolts onto the flange muffler connection of the stock Pontiac exhaust. Solo’s  Pontiac G8 V8 Axle-Back exhaust kit is made of stainless steel and comes with J-pipes to eliminate the the common G8 drone with other exhaust systems. The tips are polished stainless steel, dual 3” staggered and options 3.5 for the GXP*.

This Pontiac G8  V8 kit was designed to be an affordable alternative to Solo's full catalytic back exhaust kits. It will sound very similar to Solo's full G8 Mach exhaust kit, it has a wonderful tone throughout the spectrum.

V8 Kit Includes

  • Both Axle-back pipes
  • Dual Exhaust tips
  • Adjustable j-pipes
  • Gaskets and all necessary hardware.

For the Pontiac G8 with V6's this Axle Back has a very deep base tone that is a smooth and full exhaust note.  While driving under load the V6 G8 exhaust note has a nice “bite” deep and aggressive with a muscle car flavor. The exhaust note never gets out of hand. It always seems to be in control. No drone throughout the RPM spectrum, and it has a soft melodious hum at cruise speeds.

Solo knew it was extremely difficult to get the V6 G8 to have enough exhaust note to be satisfying to the customer, and not to drone. Solo labored long and hard to find what they think is the perfect balance point of a great exhaust note and a very acceptable tone in the inherent “trouble” ranges of the V6 G8. If it were any louder, the trouble ranges would be unacceptable, and any softer and the exhaust note would not have enough “bite” to it.

*Note 3.5 inch tips will only work on the GXP diffuser.

V6 Kit Includes

  • Dual Tips
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Muffler (not "J" pipes)
  • Clamps and all necessary hardware.

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