It's Back! Pontiac G8 Carbon Fiber Grille

$ 398


It is back! Reintroducing the Carbon Fiber G8 Grilles! This what everyone has be waiting for! Using a new technology which is called "B3DS" and is the new line from Maverick Man Carbon for the Pontiac G8!   A 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, Clear Coated Pontiac Grille Covers.

B3DS stands for Billet Mold and 3D Scanned. Yes 3D Scanned.

Why a cover and not a full replacement part?

If this was 10 or only 5 years ago and you were to tell me you put carbon fiber covers over your existing OEM parts, I would question it. At that time you could tell that it was a cover and some were even just stickers. Most product at that time and even now, would be too thick and fitment would be questionable. However this technology and Maverick Man Carbon's use of Pre-Preg and Vacuumed Carbon Fiber, this Grill Cover is only 1 millimeter thick, just a tad thinner then an Amazon Gift Card! Thus making it almost impossible to tell that it is a cover!

Also 10 to 5 years ago you probably would not see this kind of detail in a cover either.  Best of all NONE of the larger automotive carbon fiber companies are manufacturing this way due to time and cost! Maverick Man Carbon knows what customers demand out of quality! What you see is what you get!

A 100% Carbon Fiber cover also has an advantages over a layovers (a layover is where one will put carbon fiber over a existing part).  Layovers on certain types of plastics will not only separate over time but you will not get the detail as in this part.  Do not be told by other copycats that theirs will hold up. It won't!  Maverick Man Carbon tested it!

The biggest advantage of a cover... it's an easy application! It will take less than 5 minutes to install. There is no need to remove your bumper or DISASSEMBLE THE GRILLS for your install.  With this process you avoid any breakage of your OEM parts. That is correct!  YOU WILL BREAK YOUR OEM GRILLES if you use any replacement unit. At this point and time you really don't want to break something that is already hard to find if not will be discontinued soon. Again this is why we don't do them anymore. Be smart about it and don't be fooled by imitation units sold on facebook or ebay copying our older replacement designs from 8-9 years ago. 

ALSO NOTE: If your car was in an accident you will need to make sure your bumper is aligned correctly. Since each bumper can change and tolerances are very tight, any slight variances will determine how it mounts. INITIAL TEST FITTING for these were done on a pristine G8 with no issues or accidents. There production units were followed up on multiple G8s that have not been hit or have had front bumper covers replaced. ALL FIT!  All units are done in a Billet Mold and fitment does not change from part to part unlike a composite mold. If it fits everyone else that has these and yours does not, it is an issue as stated above. 

Installation is as simple as just cleaning the chrome OEM grills with alcohol. Maverick Man Carbon Grilles come with 3M Automotive Tape included***  however we do recommend using a 3M VBH tape and 3M primer adhesive prior to install on the B3DS Carbon Fiber G8 Grill covers.  After mounting the tape just push on the new G8 Grill Covers... and wham bam you are done!*

$398 a PAIR plus shipping.

* Hex Grill not included

** Installed Carbon Fiber Covers that are installed are VOID of Warranty of cracks or fractures within the Carbon Fiber or Clearcoat after it is installed.

*** It is HIGHLY recommend that you use MORE double sided tape then what the part comes with. It is recommend that you use 3M VHB Automotive tape for this install along with cleaning the surface thoroughly and use the primer it comes with.  The Primer is made in Japan 3M and is one of the top primers for this. We are not responsible if the part comes off due to a bad install lack of tape or unprepared surface

WARNING! California Proposition 65
WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Certain Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer Or Reproductive Toxicity, Such As Lead Or DI(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate.

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