To Mr Harrison Lescak who is trying to call me out on Facebook many times. First of all, you are a compulsive lair which I pointed out every time you post something lol!  Lets go over your BS which is clearly shown here in these screen shots below.




This is where it all started 



The above screen shot shows Mr. Lescak asked me for a set of endlinks which he said he bought USED (notice it underlined in RED “USED”). As everyone else can see i answered him back. However about that same time he posted on Facebook this prior to seeing my message here: 





As you can see her it states “Maverick Man won’t tell me what endlinks I need for replacements” wait a minute I won’t tell you what endlinks? Where did that happen? Where did I say "I won't tell you what endlinks?"  Where?  Exactly NO WHERE!


Then though out last year year he continues to post slandering post like this 





Which I quote it says  “Fuck maverick man.” and notice it said he bought them NEW off of sudden! Not to mention this was not the first time he said he bought NEW coilovers from me and it did not come with endlinks.  We always like how the story changes. lol!  So wait are they USED or NEW? Oh and wait now it says I told him to “fuck off” and told him “it was because he didn’t get them from me new” 


NOW THIS TOPS IT OFF! After these posts a few months later I get this email. 





I get this email because obviously he can’t PM me anymore because I got sick and tired of seeing his BS on FB and just blocked him.  In this email above he asked "where is his spoiler?" now this had me saying “say what?” Wait… you told me to "F off" and now you are asking for a spoiler?  Again lets look at what he wrote again.



Yep that sure does say F me!


Okay, I thought maybe, just maybe it's someone else and not this guy. I mean hell… how many people do you know named Harrison Lescak? lol!  So start asking questions to see who he is. One key word I use in the email you can see is “endlink”. He replies “what are endlinks”. Wait didn’t this all start because of a endlinks? So I send him a screen shot above of him telling me to “F” off. Notice his response in the email. “That’s strange that’s my name but I guess there is another guy with the same name”   WOW do you think I am that dumb! Also notice my last response on the email “who as the same name and goes to the same school as you and just bought a G8 too?”


Lets look at that email again with his response and those key words underlined 






Okay maybe still it might be someone else. 


Well lets look at Mr Harrsion Lescaks Facebook Profile 





Now look at that profile and the underlines to compare his email with his school.  Hum... that email came form that school.  AND it shows he just got a G8 and had a GTO.  WOW that is a big coincidence! Who would have known. lol! Now either this guy has a bad memory or there is some split personally going on here, there are two people named Harrison Lescak that go to the same school and had a GTO and now owns a G8. OR he just thinks I am that dumb that I cannot put two and two together.  How about this HE IS A TOTAL LAIR!  lol! By this time I don’t even respond to his emails it is a waist of my time. I move on.


You would think by this time these e-mails would stop. NOPE he emails me again from the same email address asking where his spoiler and he continues to post up to this day that I am not responding to him. really?  Well you told me to F off guess what? I “Fd” off!   He still continues to email to this day asking about his part.  I had about enough with his game and just emailed him back "why don’t you buy the spoiler form the same place you bought the coilovers". lol! you would like he would get the point. NOPE!


These are those emails... 



So wait what arguing? You mean your lying?  And what postings? You mean your postings?  


And yes again he emails me form ANOTHER email address




Gee I wonder why I blocked it? lol!


So my answer to your MR. LESCAK NO! You are not getting spoiler and NO you cannot swap it out to a G8 one. 


If you would read the website it says DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFEABLE ON THE WEBSITE.  You wasted more then $30 of my time with your stupid emails and your BS on Facebook. Plus I “Fd” off like you told me…  You original say I told you to "F" Off well now am.  Even if you were I sent this spoiler you and I believed your BS, we all know what you are going to do you're going to do a charge back on it.  So NOPE, NO, NADA!  YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANYTHING!  Is that clear enough for you? YOU ARE NOT GETTING ANYTHING FROM ME! 🙄  Besides you just said... "Never buying anything from him again".  Let's look at the screen shot again. 



Wish granted! 


Watch in another 3 months he's going to post something again or email me asking for his spoiler. lol! Please someone say it for me. (and yes i have posted this up before because he keeps posting up stupidity on Facebook and then asking me for a spoiler at the same time).  Keep it up and I will keep posting this link so people see the liar that you are. 


UPDATE 1/28/21: As predicted just a few days ago I get this email here:



So wait now Mr. Lescak is trying to sell a deposit to someone else.? lol!  Or MAYBE it is Mr. Lescak sending more FAKE emails again and trying to be someone else again.  Well you know what they say... if the shoe fits! Don't you like how after the phone number it says (may not reach me by phone, currently overseas) How much do you want to make a bet if i pull the IP on this email it is in the states. lol! 



And note…. if you want to talk trash about me don’t expect me not to talk truth back. If my responses offend you or if I respond back and insult your IQ and call out your trolling, then maybe you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. Snowflalkes 😂


Enjoy the drama of FB. Have a great day!