Autometer OBD2 Signal Splitter

$ 44


This low profile OBD-II signal splitter / pass through allows for remote location or multiple of connections for AutoMeter products like a DashLink but also for those using other gauges like an Aerogauge, OBD Shiftlights, AFM/DFM Disablers and Shock Simulators for Magnetic Ride. 

  • Connects to existing vehicle OBD-II port providing to remote mount connections to mount additional devices.
  • 10 inch straight through leads with strain reliefs between 16 pin male and 16 female connectors compatible with J1962 OBD-II Standards
  • Device and vehicle compatibility may vary. Signal slitter designed to maintain OBD-II data signal integrity across two remote connection points, but does not correct for data bus termination, traffic conflicts, or compatibility of attached devices.

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