Billet MavTag for Apple AirTag to Track Your Car

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With the amount of LS powered vehicles being stolen these days we came up with a decent solution to give you a piece of mind.  Do you remember LoJack? The location tracking service? Well you can do that just by using your AirTag.

The problem is if you leave the AirTag inside your car, the thief can hear it. Or even if the speaker is disabled it can be easily found just sitting around in your glove box or center counsel.

Well, we have a product called the MavTag. This 6061T6 billet aluminum AirTag holder will hold an Apple AirTag in it.

It comes with o-rings to make it water proof so you can mount it almost anywhere on the outside of your car.

When mounted the AirTag can remain hidden from criminal's eyes and protected from any weather hazards.

It provides a stealth look mounted with two counter sunk Torx self tapping screws to help prevent quick removal. All parts included (Torx Bit Tool Optional)

So now if your vehicle gets stolen, you have a way to track it! Now we are not saying to take matters into your own hands by following your stolen car.  We do suggest you work with your local Police Department by using the AirTag location to recover your vehicle. 

Some will say the thief can scan for the AirTag which is true. However with this mount the sound will be very hard to hear not to mention you can also disable the sound on AirTags such as in this video here:

Get your MavTag now and have piece of mind. Before your car ends up like this one here:

Read about the pandemic of stolen Chevy SS's HERE

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