Chevy SS Sedan Billet Wheel Spacers Specifically for Chevy SS and CTSV OEM Wheels.

Size: Agressive
Year: 2014-2015
$ 320


Are you tired of your Chevy SS looking like your Stock Wheels are sucked inwards?  These will solve that problem!  These Billet Wheel Spacers will space your stock OEM Wheels and OEM Tire size outwards without rubbing the fender, but at the same time making your wheels look like they are filling up the wheel well for a more aggressive look!

here is a nice comparison between one with a conservative spacer left. and one without a spacer right .

Here are a few others with this spacer combo.

Keep note these are NOT BMW spacers or universal spacers made in China sold on ebay!  These are actual spacers made specifically for the Chevy SS with the correct Hub size with no hub rings needed and correct threads for your OEM lug nuts or specific aftermarket lug nuts on your Chevy SS. 

Made in the USA with 6061t6 billet aluminum.  Available in Raw or in a with Black Anodized Finish.

Sold as a set of Four.

This kit includes four spacers with studs (already installed) and low profile lugnuts (for hub) are included.

These are made to order and take about a MINIMUM 25 working days to finish.  Due to COVID the CNC was shut down for 2 months and ETAs can now be about 45 to 60 working days minimum!  Custom sizes available inquire within.  Black spacers are an additional 3 to 4 working days on top of the standard lead-time. All cancellations after ordering is a 25% restocking fee per the CNC manufacture. DO NOT ORDER if you cannot wait. 

Aggressive vs Conservative spacers:  Conservative and Aggressive spacers are available for the 2014 and 2015 models.  Aggressive Spacers are only available for the 2016 and 2017.

Conservative spacers are recommended for those who not to roll wish fenders in general due to every car being different with weight load.


Instructions for Installing One Piece Wheel Spacers and Adapters

All spacers and adapters must be installed by a professional mechanic or by a professional wheel and tire shop, and according to the following instructions. If not, warranty will be void.

1) IMPORTANT -ADAPTER OR SPACER MUST SIT FLUSH AGAINST VEHICLE HUB, AND WHEEL MUST SIT FLUSH AGAINST ADAPTER OR SPACER! Stock studs must be trimmed down (shortened) if they protrude past the surface of the adapter or spacer. If not, vibration orother problems can occur. Some wheels have pockets that may allow for no stud trimming. If not, studs MUSTbe trimmed.

2)Make sure the mounting surface(vehicle hub)isclean and flat, and remove all retaining clips.

3) Install the adapter to the vehicle,with the proper lug nuts,and torque to manufacturer’s wheel torque specs per your owners manual. DO NOT Exceed 140lbs! 

4) Install the wheel to the adapter by torquing to the vehicle manufacturer’s wheel torque specifications(again, max 140 ft-lbs). Please assure the proper thread engagement on lug nuts or bolts.

5) Drive the vehicle. If no problems (noise, vibration, anything out of the ordinary), drive about 5 miles, then re-torque the lug nuts attaching the spacer or adapter to the hub.DO NOT USE AIR OR IMPACT TOOLS or LOCTITEas these will void the Warranty.


WARNING! California Proposition 65
WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Certain Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer Or Reproductive Toxicity, Such As Lead Or DI(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate.




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