Black Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Liner

$ 106


Did you just buy a Maverick Man Carbon Hood? If you did and read those Terms and Conditions for the hood, we recommend lining the underside of your hood with this Thermal Acoustic Lining from DEI.  Maverick Man Carbon Prefers this brand over others since it is Black and matches better with the hood unlike other "tin foil" like insulation.  

Also the this Under Hood Thermal Acoustic Lining was designed primarily for the engine compartment as a way to greatly reduce heat and noise with an easy peel and stick product anyone can install.  Engine heat is one of the main causes for moisture build up between the layers of the hood between the carbon fiber and the gel coat. The use of Under Hood™ Thermal Acoustic Lining can help prolong this issue.

  • Black carbon fiber "look"
  • Cooler hood surfaces protects your Carbon Fiber and Paint.
  • Reduced engine noise for quieter passenger compartment
  • Easy peel & stick installation
  • Can be trimmed to fit on all Maverick Man Carbon Hoods
  • ½" thick
  • Measures 32" x 59" (13.1 sq ft)

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