Black Widow Venom 250 Series Muffler

Size: 2.5" Inch
$ 134


Venom 250 Series

Black Widow Venom 250-series mufflers setting the standard for development of the Black Widow Line. Made out of quality brushed stainless steel and a patent pending hourglass design, the Venom 250-series produces Black Widow's signature aggressive and clean tone – without a harsh drone sound. All Venom mufflers are backed by Black Widows Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Body Size: 14″ x 9″ x 4″
Material: Unfinished Stainless Steel
Tubing Sizes: 2.5″ and 3″
Configuration: Offset/Center the standard offset as on the Chevy SS Sedan, Pontiac G8 and GTO.

All Venom 250-series mufflers are bi-directional (can be flipped without affecting sound or performance).

  • All mufflers are made out of quality stainless steel
  • No packing or flow-restricting chambers
  • Quality-welded

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