BLEMISHED Carbon Fiber Spoiler w/ Wickerbill for the Cadillac ATS-V Sedan and Coupe

Type: Sedan
$ 585


If you are looking for a deal.... this is it!

Maverick Man Carbon has a few blemished spoilers that pop up here and there. Take advantage of this!  If this website will let you buy it, they are in stock!

These are are 100% structurally fine and perfect for painting.  Flaws are all random and usually due to a mark, clearcoat or weave issue on carbon fiber units. 

All blemished units are sold AS IS. No warranty, No returns, All sales final.


As usual Maverick Man likes to step it up in the community for discontinued cars.  Maverick Man always keeps true to a more aggressive and original design. While keeping a subtle look, without being obnoxious and keeping your car classy. 

Introducing the first Two Piece Carbon Fiber spoiler with a Wickerbill for the Cadillac ATS-V Sedan and YES Coupe too!

This is full replacement NOT a layover on a stock spoiler!  Layovers we all know will separate quickly and weaves will be bunched and will look like carbon fiber technology from 15 years ago.  

Also this will utilize the existing holes in your trunk and will be a direct "bolt on" with no modifications unlike horrible ones currently on the market now that either use double sided tape only, or do not cover the current holes in the trunk.

Design wise this spoiler will keep all the current lines of the Cadillac ATS-V but with a touch of Maverick Man suitableness like this divet give it new upgraded look.

The spoiler is a hand laid and vacuum infused spoiler. It is a two piece spoiler which adds a Carbon Fiber Wickerbill to enhance your ATS-V with a more aggressive and taller look. It is also designed so that it does not get in the way of your view when looking out the rear view mirror, but will turn heads. 

It will come with black hardware...

or if you want to stand out, an optional billet hardware w/stainless steel bolts. (black bolt shown in photo but not available).

Customer Pamela A-v was kind enough to do this great install video on her own time.

revitalize your Cadillac ATS-V with no other then Maverick Man Carbon! 

 and NOW coming very soon for the Coupe! 





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