BLEMISHED GTO Carbon Fiber Rear Exhaust Insert w/GTO - LIMITED QUANTITIES!

Save 45%

$ 250 $ 455


There have been a lot of request for this version insert and it is now a reality!  

If you want an upgrade, something that stands out,  but but still have the OEM style....  This Non-Hex, Rear Insert with the word GTO on it is perfect for you!

Coming in a Carbon Fiber Finish and utilizing all the OEM mounting points.  NO mickey mouse double stick tape or screws.


These are are 100% structurally fine.  Flaws are all random and usually due to a mark, clearcoat or weave issue.   Images shown are only examples of the Diffuser in general, not necessary the actually Diffuser you will be getting. 

Current Blems on hand are due to stress cracks but still structurally fine.  All blemished units are sold AS IS.  If you wish to see an image please email us. 

No warranty, No returns, All sales final.

$250 plus shipping, +CA tax.


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