BLEMISHED GTO Carbon Fiber SAP Grilles

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Type: SAP Grille with Carbon Hex Grille
$ 490 $ 575


One of the first aftermarket GTO SAP Grilles on the market today AND still the only REAL 100% Carbon Fiber SAP grill around! NO Carbon FiBBer here!

**BLEMISHED unit can be the finish or no more then one broken tab on SAP Surround only. Hex Grilles are perfect no issues. 

Broken Tabs are minor since the the Hex Grilles do stay connected to SAP surround without. we recommend using all clips to mount the Hex. 

Finish issues are all random and usually due to a mark, small scratch, clearcoat issue, weave issue or fingerprints within the carbon.  Images shown are only examples of the Grilles not the blemish.


These SAPs will attached to any 2004 to 2006 GTO using the factory clips.  No screws. No silicone or mickey mouse rubber fittings to attach them. All factory style install.  Will also utilize OEM SAP hex grilles.  

All New Grilles in 2021 are now done with a Billet Mold and are even better then before! Fitment is spot on!  ALSO NOW available as a first anywhere, an additional CNC'd REAL Carbon Fiber Hex Grille for an additional cost. 

Carbon Hex Grills included on Blemished Units 


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