Cadillac ATS / ATS-V Rear Knuckle Bushings

$ 599


Cadillac ATS & ATS-V FKS Series Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushings from SPL Parts replace the stock mushy rubber bushings with low-friction articulating spherical bearings, eliminating bushing flex and reducing bind/friction. This maintains optimum suspension geometry under load to improve handling and feedback, without a significant increase in NVH.

The stock bushings in your Camaro/ATS's rear knuckle that connect to your Rear Upper Camber Arm, Rear Lower Traction Arm, and Rear Upper Traction arm are all injected rubber metal sleeved bushings. These are perfectly fine for regular driving, but are not ideal for pushing a performance vehicle. Upon the high loads that these see, whether it be a launch or high G cornering loads, the rubber will deflect, allowing for dynamic changes to toe and camber while at the limit. During a launch this will cause a toe change, which will create wheel hop, hurting the effectiveness of the launch and possibly damaging your axles. During high cornering loads, camber and toe changes make the car less predictable and repeatable, making it more difficult to put down consistent lap times. Combine these rear knuckle bushings with our Rear Upper Camber Arm (RUA CAM6), Rear Upper Traction Arm(RUT CAM6), and Rear Lower Tractions Arms (RTR CAM6) to remove all deflection from your rear suspension and allow for all the adjustment you would ever need.

Our Monoball Bushings feature FK Racing Bearings with a self lubricating Teflon liner for long life and maximum performance. Highly precise (machined to 1/1000th inch) CNC machined T6061 Aluminum bearing shells provide an accurate fit.

Sold as complete kit for one car.

Made in the USA.


2013-2019 Cadillac ATS

2016-2019 Cadillac ATS-V

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