Cadillac ATS LTG E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit

$ 259


Cadillac ATS E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit

This product will connect inline with your fuel line and it will be constantly monitoring the fuels ethanol percentage and then sending a signal to the PCM. With ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune setup for this kit, it will allow you to run any mix of e85/premium gasoline and the PCM will adjust the fueling, timing, and boost specifically for it.

This kit will not work without a ZZP PCM Tune that is setup for it.

Fits 2013-Present ATS/CTS/Camaro 2.0 liter LTG models. We have now added support for 2016 and 2017 LTG's as of February 2020.

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