Cadillac ATS-V ZZP Downpipes

Transmission: Automatic
$ 899


Looking to open up the power on your ATS-V?  These high flow replacement downpipes will give you additional horsepower and a great, unique sound while you are at it.


While the other downpipes on the market sound terrible, these H style downpipes will give your car a more exotic sound!  As if they couldn't get any better, our ZZP ATSV downpipes are significantly lighter than their OEM counterparts. A lighter car is a faster car! 


  • Stock OE driver side downpipe weighs 11.45 lbs
  • ZZP "catted" driver side downpipe only weighs 6.25 lbs
  • Stock OE passenger side downpipe weighs 11.10 lbs
  • ZZP "catted" passenger side downpipe weighs 5.70 lbs


These are built to order and take between 7 and 14 working days to make. 

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