Cadillac XT-6 / XT5 / XT4 Radar Detector Harness

Type: XT6
$ 99.99


Cadillac XT-6 / XT5 / XT4 Radar Detector Harness

The harness is for installing your radar detector into your 2020-2021 XT6 or 2019-2021 XT5 / XT4 . This harness saves you from splicing and/or entering pins into your car's wiring harness.  This plug and play harness connects inline at the rear view mirror and allows you to connect your radar detector to either your windshield or to your rear view mirror.  Brackets not included. 

Harness also available with a separate power and ground wire for those that may want to add in a dash cam or such.  Please note that these loose leads are an ignition based 12 volt feed and ground.  Most dash cams and such require 5 volts and you will need to make sure and use a voltage converter if needed.  This is not included with this harness.

This harness is for all radar detectors that use a phone cord style connector.

Works on all 2020-2021 XT6's and 2017-2021 XT5 / XT4's that have an Auto-Dimming mirror or the live view inside mirror.  If you have a manual dimming mirror this harness will not work on your XT.   If there is a flip lever on the bottom side of your mirror, that indicates it is a manual dimming mirror and this harness will not work for your application

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