Carbon Fiber Catch Can

$ 340


We've seen a lot of Carbon Fiber Catch Cans, so let us say. This is one of the better ones on the market!


Made by Mishimoto from 3k rear carbon fiber (unlike other Carbon FiBBer ones) with a CNC billet universal bracket it defiantly improves the look of the can and over all engine bay aesthetics. This catch can incorporates a uniquely designed baffled insert which makes short work of separating oil and blow-by contaminates from your PCV system. The clean air is routed through our high-flow filter material, which acts as a safety net against any rogue oil droplets without compromising the improved airflow characteristics, even in freezing temperatures.

the 1/4 turn lid makes checking levels quick while still providing an air-tight seal while having a 7.4 fluid ounce capacity.

Baffle Blades are designed using computational fluid dynamics for improved air-oil separation. 

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