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Chevy Caprice /PPV Coilovers

  • $ 800.00

Extremely well known in the industry for making GTO, G8 and Chevy SS Coilovers, Maverick Man Carbon now has coilovers for the Chevy Caprice /PPV!


Give your Chevy Caprice /PPV a new look and superior handling with these coilovers!


This kit includes both Front and Rear. These feature a Top Mounted Mono-Tube Design, with Ride Height Adjustability with a 32 step precision damper valve on the Front and Rear. Spring Rates for the 2010-2013 are 180L-7k for the front and 170L-14k in the rear and 2014+ are 450lb for the front and 670lb in the rear.


As shown in photos - Upper Bearings and spring adjustment Tools are included in the kit.



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