Chevy SS Carbon Fiber Side Vents

$ 250


Finally carbon fiber side vents for the Chevy SS Sedan!

This what everyone has be waiting for!  This was a very long time in development to get these done in the best way possible for production!  Using a new technology which is called "B3DS"  it is the newest line from Maverick Man Carbon, these Vents are a 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, Clear Coated Side Vent Cover

B3DS stands for Billet Mold and 3D Scanned. Yes 3D Scanned.

Why a cover and not a full replacement part?

If this was 10 or only 5 years ago and you were to tell me you put carbon fiber covers over your existing OEM parts, I would question it. At that time you could tell that it was a cover and some were even just stickers. Most product at that time and even now, would be too thick and fitment would be highly questionable. However this technology and Maverick Man Carbon's use of Pre-Preg and Vacuumed Carbon Fiber, this Vent Cover is only 1 millimeter thick, just a tad thinner then an Visa Credit Card! Thus making it almost impossible to tell that it is a cover!

Also some parts just cannot be done in a carbon fiber full replacement using existing OEM parts. This side vent is a prime example. This is due to how the part mounts and how the part may adheres to other parts that make it.

Not to mention 10 to 5 years ago, you probably would not see this kind of detail in a cover either.  Maverick Man Carbon knows what customers demand out of quality! What you see is what you exactly get!

A 100% Carbon Fiber cover also has an advantages over a layovers.  A "layover" is where they lay carbon fiber over the OEM parts. There is nothing wrong with that, HOWEVER what most never test it the long terms effects of layovers. 90% of the time the plastic and carbon will expand at different rates and the carbon will start to separate and split form the original part. These sellers will also charge you the same amount or more for a full carbon part yet knowing it will have this issue down the road. This is why we do a cover in 100% carbon fiber.  Do not be told by other companies that theirs will hold up. It won't!  I am sure some of you found out that hard way!  Do Not be fooled by those that tell you otherwise.

Lastly the biggest advantage of a cover... it's an easy application! It will take less than 10 minutes to install per side.

Installation is as simple as just cleaning the brushed OEM grills will alcohol rubs and a 3M tape primer adhesive prior to install (both included). Lastly remove the Automotive Tape included on the B3DS Carbon Fiber G8 Grill covers and push on the new SS Carbon Fiber Vent Covers... and wham bam you are done!  We do recommend that you remove the vents first to install it. For best results clamp them together with a light pinching plastic pinch clamp or a very strong rubber band (remember not to mark up the part so wrap it first) for at least 24 hours so the primer and double stick tape have a change to adhere.

* Installed Carbon Fiber Covers that are installed are VOID of Warranty of cracks or fractures within the Carbon Fiber or Clearcoat after it is installed.

** It is HIGHLY recommend that you use more double sided tape then what the part comes with. It is recommend that you use 3M VHB tape (specifically for polycarbonate or plastics) for this install along with cleaning the surface thoroughly and use the primer it comes with.  The Primer it comes with is made by Japan 3M and is one of the top primers for this. We are not responsible if the part comes off due to a bad install lack of tape or unprepared surface. 


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