Chevy SS Sedan Flow Forged Vorsteiner V-FF103 Wheels - FREE SHIPPING

$ 1,840


The Flow Forged V-FF103 is curviest of the pack for Vorsteiner. It features a five split spoke design in Carbon Graphite color with rounded edges throughout. It’s curved Y spokes and rounded concavity allows for one of Vorsteiner deepest concave designs.

Vorsteiner lightweight technology produces wheels that are lighter in weight compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger. The majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less but stronger aluminum. In addition, Vorsteiner meticulously reduce the weight of the wheel utilizing back-pad pocketing as well as front and rear spoke pocketing.

Sold as a staggered set available in 19x8.5 Front and 19x10 Rear

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