Chevy SS Sedan 2016 - 2017 Polyurethane Front Lip

$ 210


Looking for a lip that looks good and will take a beating? Have you spent half your pay check on a front lip only for it to crack off due to a poor design? We know you have. ;) Now look no further!  Finally a Chevy SS Sedan Front Lip now available for the 2016 -2017 Chevy SS. NOW with a newer stiffer material for those high speed runs!

This front lip comes in raw made from a quality Polyurethane Plastic like the same material used on many OEM factory parts. This material is the best for those who are worried about taking out your front lip on dips, driveways and other such low areas. It is durable and even flexible to endure harsh scrapes and other such damage like running into a parking block.


Like the 2014-2015 front lip offered Maverick Man will settle for nothing less!  Unlike other lips where they sit way to low and to far out and scrape everything... then BAM it is destroyed!  This lip only sits no more then 1/5th of an inch lower then the stock bumper so you don't have to worry about taking out your lip.  However even if you do hit something with it by this being Polyurethane it is flexible and can take a very good beating. 

These are also 3D scanned during mold process for exact data and fitment for a perfect final product!  The lip can be easily left as is in the satin black but these are made to be painted and can be color matched and painted on your own. Attaches with screws that are included.

Install takes less then 20 mins and comes in three connecting pieces like the the OEM Holden front bumper Armour without the flat look. 

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