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Chevy SS Sedan Carbon Fiber Seat Decor Trim Covers

  • $ 200.00

what’s of the most hated things about the SS? those chrome style seat decor inserts! Well hold back the regurgitation and your problem is now solved with these new "B3DS" Maverick Man Carbon product for the 2014-2017 Chevy SS Sedan. A 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, Clear Coated Seat Decor Trim Covers.

B3DS stands for Billet Mold and 3D Scanned. Yes 3D Scanned to insure 100% exact fitment!


This 100% Carbon Fiber Cover also has an advantages over a layover (a layover is where one will put carbon fiber over a existing part).  AGAIN THIS IS NOT A LAYOVER do not be confuse the two.  Keep in mind a Layovers on certain types of plastics will not only separate over time but you will not get the detail as in this part.  Most who say they can do a layover for 20 bucks do not the long term which actually can be a very short term for durability.  Not to mention these OEM parts are over $100+ each (times four!) from the dealer! Any layovers would require a core charge of almost $400 dollars!

The biggest advantage of a cover... it's an easy application! It will take less than 5 mins to install a full set. There is no need to remove the inserts with the worry of snapping the $100 part.

Installing these are as simple as just cleaning the OEM decor with alcohol. Remove the 3M Automotive Tape included on the B3DS Carbon Fiber Decor Covers and push on the new B3DS Decor Covers on and you are done!

Comes a one full set (2 pairs).

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