Chevy SS Sedan Floor Mat with Embroidered "SS" Logo

Type: Front Pair Only
Color Logo: Red
$ 144.90


Spice up your Chevy SS Sedan with some new floor mats!  These Mats are made by leading manufacturer of floor mats delivering luxury experiences that go beyond what is expected by our clients by striving to deliver phenomenal experiences through service quality and workmanship.

FITTING: Designed and CAD cut specifically to fit your 2014-2017 Chevy SS Sedan, these floor mats are guaranteed to fit your SS. They are easily installed and have compatible factory fasteners to keep your floor mats firmly anchored to prevent the possibility of the mats slipping forward. Always use the vehicle's mat retention posts and fasteners.

APPEARANCE: Designed with precision, these mats will make a wonderful addition to the collection of your Chevy SS Sedan.  With a matching "GM licensed" SS logo embroidered into the mats.  Perfect for anyone who enjoys the aesthetic of automobiles, this premium selection is loaded with details.

 MADE IN USA: The Manufacture Lloyds has been operating in USA since 1978.

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