Chevy SS Sedan K-MAC Front Camber Lower Arm Inner Bushings (mono ball / 2 axis)

$ 295


These are the only bushing adjuster kits allowed in the V8 Race Series in Australia and New Zealand.  With racing you need safety and strength and reliability in your lower inner control arm.  You can relay on these K-MAC patented design camber adjustable bushings for your 2014-2017 Chevy SS.  Revolutionizing the industry there are no more need to disassemble each time and re-position adjustment settings.

Now with these bushings it is a single wrench adjustment on car accurately (under load) direct on alignment rack. Resolves costly premature edge tire wear and improves traction. On track days these are able to increase negative camber and track width to reduce understeer, allowing to go deeper into the corners with improved traction, braking and cornering response. Along with improved ability to hit those corner apex’s every time in the pursuit of pole setting lap times! Bush extraction and insertion tubes supplied.

FEATURES : H/Duty “Steel” (not plastic encased OEM bearings) for steering loads with Extra H/Duty “Self Align” spherical bearings (PTFE lined). Simply replace existing top strut mounts ( no modifications). Allow for the 1’ST time not just “one offset position of Camber”…. but “precise adjustment” of both Camber and Caster.

Because of cost cutting and the ever increasing speed of vehicle assembly lines virtually all today’s autos only have Front and Rear “Toe” (directional) adjustment. No Camber or Caster allowing to change tire “contact angles”.  These unique bushings having 3 to 4 times the load bearing area and also mono ball designs allowing “2 axis” /self-align movement without the use of OEM oil and air voids. Result is significantly improved traction under braking and steering response. This combined with other K-MAC bushings will give a more precise Camber and Caster adjustment.

Caster adjustable bushings will resolve steering pull and allowing improved high speed directional control, quicker turn in and with reduced dive/lift under brake and acceleration in addition to resolving costly premature edge tire wear and improving traction.

Being able to increase negative Camber (and track width ) to reduce understeer , allowing to go deeper into the corners with improved traction and braking response. Along with ability to hit those corner apexes every time in the pursuit of pole setting lap times for race day! All KMAC Kits come with bush extraction and insertion tubes.

Maverick Man Inc. is an Authorized Dealer of K-MAC

Made and Imported from Australia 

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