Chevy SS Sedan Motor / Engine Mount Billet Aluminum Kit

$ 490


Chevy SS 2014-2017 Motor / Engine Mount Billet Aluminum Kit

These Chevrolet SS Engine mounts are designed to limit unwanted movement and control torque on your Chevy SS by putting more power to the wheels and also reducing the chance of breakage.

You will notice performance gains on the street or track with these almost indestructible mounts.  Prothane motor and transmission mounts are strong Billet Aluminum and tough like a solid metal mount without the vibration and noise. All mounts are very durable and resistant to oil, chemicals and road contaminants that deteriorate rubber mounts.

Prothane mounts feature application specific engineering. In other words they are not a universal ''one fits all '' application and is specific to your 2014-2017 Chevy SS Sedan. This will insure you to get a maximum benefit from these engine mounts!

Prothane mounts are manufactured of the highest quality specially formulated polyurethanes Made In The USA. In a nut shell Prothane will provide you with the performance and value you demand.

These are made to order and take about 6-8 weeks for build time. 

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