Chevy SS Sedan Element3 Hybrid Technology 2015-2017 Rear Brake Pad

$ 58


Element3 Brake Pads are the pinnacle of automotive brake pads from Raybestos. With EHT™ Enhanced Hybrid Technology and professional grade formulations, Element3 pads offer: Unparalleled performance and reliability; Excellent coverage for 2015-2017 and Improved pad wear and durability.  Drivers looking for top-of-the-line braking technology with unprecedented braking control and stopping power should look no further than EHT formulations.

Features & Benefits

Quiet Operation And Superior Stopping Power

Premium Multi-Layer Shims And Stainless Steel Hardware For Maximum Noise Damping

Enhanced Hybrid Technology Combines The Best Attributes Of Ceramic And Semi-Metallic In One Pad

Improved Pad Wear And Durability; Late-Model Coverage

Enhanced Hybrid Technology Formulations Have A Premium Blend Of Friction Materials

Shims On Eht Formulations Promote Quiet Stopping In A Wide Variety Of Temperature Ranges And Vehicle Platforms

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