Chevy SS Sedan Raybestos Specialty Street Performance Metallic Front Brake Pads

$ 83


Raybestos Performance Specialty Front Disc Pads provide superior stopping power for extreme-sport drivers. This performance line is designed for the 2014-2017 Chevy SS Sedan. It provides aggressive braking on various road surfaces and endurance through a wide variety of temperature ranges.

Features & Benefits

Superior Braking For Street Performance

Noise Damping, Multi-Layer 

Premium Shims Provide Quiet Operation

Provides Stability, Consistency And Fade Resistance

Undergone Extensive High-Temperature Testing To Ensure Optimum Performance

Provides Sport Drivers Exceptionally High Torque And A Superior Feel In A Street Pad

Provides The Aggressive Braking Required While Still Operating At A Quieter Level Than The Competition

Superior Durability, Extreme Stopping And Exceptionally Quiet

Designed Specifically For The Demanding Conditions Needed In The Street Performance Market

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