Cadillac ATS-V Sedan Single Gauge Pillar Pod

$ 109


We listened to what customers wanted and now we carry it! ZZP designed this gauge pillar pod to be the very best! Material is the same as stock. The color matches your stock pillar and has the same texture. Not spray painted like other designs and also not a generic black ABS like other gauge pod manufacturers have.

This is not a typical cheap gauge pod that mounts to your stock pillar. This completely replaces your stock A pillar. You simply just unclip your factory A pillar, take the metal clips off of the stock pillar and put them on the new gauge pod. Then just clip it right in. No drilling at all! It even has a spot to mount your factory tweeter if equipped on your model ATS-V. It is recommended when installing that you disconnect your battery as an airbag is located back there.

We here at Maverick Man doubt any other company will make a gauge pod for the ATS-V. Why? We know what it takes as a designer, how much engineering, time and development takes.  This is not some cheap universal gauge pod that you see on eBay for cheap. It's high quality. The material is similar, but stronger than the OEM GM stock A Pillar.  If someone else ever does make one it will not be as nice as this one from ZZP.

It uses 52mm or 2 1/16" gauges.


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