GTO Lower Rear Diffuser in Pre-Preg Fiberglass

$ 430


It’s the part that every GTO owner waited for!  Well for the ones that don't like Carbon Fiber that is. ;) 

Because of the demand for a Non Carbon Fiber Diffuser we have produced this! Just so you know this is an exact duplicate of the Carbon Fiber version.

This is PRE_PREG, Vacuumed, Auto Claved Fiberglass! Yes you read that correctly Pre Preg Fiberglass! this is not your typical fiberglass part. Using this type of material process it will keep the part consistent and also keep weight down which is especially important on the rear bumper where only tabs and four push pins hold it in. this is also a very sturdy part, unlike thinner materials just as cheap ABS it will hold up to flexing since it is a part where wind will catch it.

If you are interested in the Carbon Fiber version this is also still available!


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