CTEK CT5 "Time to Go" Battery Charger and Maintainer / Tender

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The CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO charger advances CTEK's intelligent charging technology with a patent-pending, charging time indicator. The CT5 TIME TO GO charger accurately predicts the remaining charging time, allowing users to plan their activities by knowing exactly when their battery will be fully charged.

A series of LED lights indicate the different charging stages – 8 hours, 4 hours, 2 hours, 1 hours, and GO – to communicate how long it will take before the battery is charged and ready to go. If the user is in a hurry, there is a "TRY" indicator that lights when it is safe to start the vehicle when charging a discharged battery, and a "CARE" indicator to show when the charging is complete. The battery can remain connected for safe, long-term storage and to keep the battery in optimal shape.

The CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO charger is perfect for all types of lead-acid, 12V batteries: flooded, maintenance-free, Ca/Ca, absorbed glass mat (AGM) and Gel. It has a maximum charging rate of 4.3A for normal batteries, 4.7A for AGM. Easy to use and fully automatic, the CT5 TIME TO GO charger uses advanced technology to continually monitor the battery's condition and adjust as required. The unit is non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof.

The CTEK CT5 TIME TO GO charger has multiple charging and maintenance stages to maximize the charge capacity and service life of the battery. In addition to the "NORMAL" charging mode, the charger has a "RECOND" mode for batteries that haven't been used for long periods and need reconditioning. An "AGM" mode for is for absorbed glass mat batteries used in late model luxury cars and Start/Stop vehicles.

As with all CTEK products, the CT5 TIME TO GO charger delivers extremely clean voltage and current that ensures vehicle electronics are protected; there is no need to disconnect a battery when charging. It can be attached to the battery indefinitely, if required, without risk of over or under charging.




CTEK Comfort Connect Extension Cable Extends the reach of your CTEK charger with an additional 8.2 ft

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CTEK Comfort Connect - Satisfy all of your battery charging needs without any hassle. CTEK Comfort Connect gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily reach well-hidden batteries in the vehicle. There is no need to hassle with battery clamps every time, just permanently mount Comfort Connect on every battery that needs charging and easily charge and maintain the batteries after use for prolonged life.

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