Cyclone 2in. LED Under Hood Lighting Kit

$ 89


The Cyclone 2in. LED Universal Under Hood Lighting Kit by KC HiLiTES (yes the Off Road lighting guys) is a great way to light your engine bay up! Whether if you are at the drag strip working on your car, at a car meet at night showing off your engine bay or stranded on the side of the road at night, these LEDs puts out 516 RAW lumens each for vibrant visibility.  In an emergency, flashlights are good, but it's better when you have both hands free to work on a problem under the hood don't you think? The Cyclone LED lights feature extremely low amp draw so not to drain your battery but yet has an and high output of light in a very small package! These units are IP68 rated waterproof sealing and perfect for under the hood!

$71.00 (Incl. 2 Cyclone Lights/Switch/Wiring)

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