Dynojet Wideband 2 - Base Unit

$ 340


Open a whole new world of tuning possibilities with the DynoJet Wideband 2 kit. The DynoJet  Wideband 2 kit is a Plug-and-play kit with no other devices needed. Or with use with your AFR Gauge that requires this unit (double check the compatibility before purchase).

This kit allows you a more accurate tuning experience by using the wideband O2 sensors to pinpoint precisely how off your air/fuel ratio is from stoich. It can then adjust it to near perfection quickly and automatically.

Includes 1 wire RPM and Analog Input wires

Works with Dynojet’s PowerCore Software Suite

Ensures real-time wideband O2 AFR accuracy

Permits expansion options to Power Commander or POD-300

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