GTO Carbon Fiber Front Lip

$ 525


YES! Finally!  Maverick Man Carbon now will be offering a front lip for the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO with style people want without the horrible quality.

Now isn't that a beauty?

This design keeps the shape of the front GTO bumper without looking like someone just put the GTO bumper on the ground and traced it around it. This not only makes your GTO more aggressive in styling, but also will fit like Maverick Man Carbon Products always do! 

This is an all new design which brings out the corners of each end to a front forward design as well as keeping with the center bumper lines with a point like how all Maverick Man Carbon Designs flow. 

These new front GTO Lips will be the highest quality with the best fitment over anything out there period!  There will be NO Pre-Orders, NO Deposits for these and will be a first come first serve basis only.  They will be made on a constant basis and sell fast like any other Maverick Man Carbon Product so watch out for when they are in stock.  



As many of you know, we have seen the GTO lips out there and they are just a horrible quality.  In fact the owner of the GTO in the above photos received one of these "so called lips" from a Facebook seller and it came with a finish like this...

and horrible underside mounting like this:

and this:

How is a splitter supposed to sit flush to the bumper when the underside is like this? It doesn't that's how! 

The Maverick Man Carbon Lip will also extend fully under the bumper cover to make the install not only secure but for a smooth transition for air flow. Unlike other designs that barley have an inch for a mounting surface. 

Over the years Maverick Man Carbon as seen people try to copy the Goldilock's front lip from the original maker WCS (aka West Coast Speed which most don't even know what the acronym stands for anymore its been so long). We gave also seen people also copy the Whisky Tango Lip. When those original products came out Maverick Man Carbon and some great relationships with these companies and we always respected each others work without copying each other work or even making a similar designs. Unfortunately these days Facebook sellers like to copy peoples work and also use even the same names as other brands to sell their so called products. 

Many of you were taken by these facebook sellers and never got your money back. If you were one of them you don't even need to read on. If you haven't you need to continue reading!

The reason why these Facebook sellers parts are so horrid are because of three reasons.

FACT 1. they have been coping a copy of a copy. Record shows these sellers have asked other people to buy or borrow their lip so they can "make it". But the little and lack of experience they have, they do not know you cannot keep coping a copy because it lowers the quality each time. Even duping an original would be not right. Why? The part shrinks, the mold will pick up imperfections in the part and the quality is just not there. Again we all have seen these shotty products sold even when these sellers knew they were bad. What gets us, is these knock off Facebook sellers still use the name Goldilocks and Whiskey Tango in their branding when they are obviously NOT ! (isn't that copyright infringement?) Don't be fooled or get taken! They are NOT the same thing they are NOT the original nor do they have anything to do with them.

 FACT 2. They claim these their parts are "clear coated" when obviously they are not and only gel coated. These sellers tell you this to make you think you are getting something clear coated and charge you for it even though it is not.  This so called GTO Goldilocks Lip is obviously NOT clear coated and the customer was lied to and was told it was clear coated.  This is  NOT CLEAR COATED this is 100% a Gel Coated product. 

FACT 3.  Some manufactures will claim their parts are Pre-Preg Carbon when they are not just so they can try to compete with a Maverick Man Carbon Product.  They will even state they are a "Pre-Preg MOLD", which there is no one would use pre-impregnated carbon or fiberglass to make a mold. This tells you the level of Facebook sellers we are dealing with.  They know nothing about Carbon Fiber and just third partying it out because they know nothing about manufacturing or design.  Because of this, these parts come in weighting a ton!  Our Front lip will be Vacuumed Hand Laid product to keep cost down and will only weight in a 2.1 lbs!  Over the others at 3xs that weight!

The bottom line is these Facebook sellers have no sense of design or any idea about manufacturing.  They outsource and copy someone else's design period. If you see a person all of a sudden selling "carbon fiber" out of the blue... WATCH OUT. Maverick Man Carbon has been in business since 2002 and is the original and first carbon fiber manufacture for GTO parts for 12 years now. Before you buy, do your research you will be amazed on what you find. 

Hardware NOT included.  This lip will create downforce and we recommend that you BOLT this lip into place with stainless steel bolts, washers and nuts. DO NOT use self tapping screws.

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