Pontiac GTO Splitter

Type: With Splitter Rods
$ 220


Pontiac GTO Front Bumper Splitter.

Due to the frequent request for Splitters, Maverick Man now carries a Splitter for the GTO.

This will fit all factory front 04-06 GTO bumpers, including SAP Fascias and Monaro. Each splitters is water jet cut from industrial grade 1/4" ABS and come with pre-cut adjustment slots.

With optional and recommended Splitter Rods with Machined Ends.

Hardware and Leveling spacers are NOT included.

NOTE:  Splitters will take an average of 15-25 working days to cut. Each is made to order. Splitters also are cut by a waterjet machine so note, the underside of the splitter will be scratched up from the turning of the material while being cut.  The Textured side is the TOP. You do not see the bottom of the splitter unless you crawl under your car. 

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