GTO Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit

$ 730


LS series engines are simple, powerful, reliable machines, but no engine can deal with high oil temperatures. To cool the GTO’s 5.7 and 6.0 engine, Mmishimoto picked our largest oil cooler for the job. The 25-row stacked-plate cooler will have no problem making sure oil is at an optimal temperature. On the other end of this GTO oil cooler kit is a specially designed oil line adapter that bolts to the oil filter housing to allow for the attachment of our –AN stainless steel lines. The tight space restrictions eliminated the possibility of using a thermostatic sandwich plate, which we use on most of our other direct-fit oil cooler kits. Instead Mishimoto In-line Oil Thermostat is used to regulate oil temperatures. This meticulously designed thermostat mounts under the headlight by means of its own direct-fit bracket, and will make sure your oil stays at a happy 185°F. During the testing process of this GTO oil cooler, the in-line thermostat was not used in order to eliminate it as a regulating variable. This means oil is constantly flowing through the cooler during testing, and these tests showed a 65°F oil temperature drop. This massive drop shows the cooling capabilities of this GTO oil cooler kit. Just like all of Mishimoto’s GTO parts, this kit comes with the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty to make sure your oil temperatures are always on point.

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