HalGuard Fire Extinguisher

$ 380


Protect your Pontiac GTO, G8, Chevy SS, Cadillac ATS-V, Trailblazer SS or any other ride you have with a fire extinguisher that attacks fires involving flammable liquids quickly and safely, with no danger of electric shock, and without leaving a damaging residue to clean up.

The H3R Performance is also the perfect fit for Pontiac GTO and G8 Fire Extinguisher Bracket!

The HR3 brings aviation style Halotron 1 fire extinguishers to the automotive enthusiast with HalGuard premium clean agent fire protection.

HalGuard is no ordinary automotive fire extinguisher. It contains Halotron 1, electrically non-conductive "clean" extinguishing agent that rapidly turns into a gas. Halotron 1 has passed extensive testing by Underwriters Laboratories, and meets FAA requirements. It can be found on commercial aircraft, and is used by airport fire fighters and on the flight line.

Hand held HalGuard extinguishers meet DOT requirements. HalGuard extinguishers offer maximum clean agent protection for the pit lane or large facilities.

*Available in Red, Black or Chrome
*No thermal shock to electronics
* No mess or damage to vehicle or surfaces
* Liquefied gas extinguishes hard-to-reach fires
* Does not impair operator's vision
* EPA approved
* Listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories
* Rechargeable
* Designed and Assembled in the U.S.A.
* USCG approved (with bracket listed on UL label, models of 5 lb. and larger)
* 1 lb. to 5 lb. HalGuard extinguishers come standard with aviation-quality mounting brackets
* High quality steel cylinders
* All metal valve constructionCompact, lightweight, easy to use
* Five year limited warranty on hand held and wheeled fire extinguishers

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